Smart Cargo Result Objects



Name Type Description
uuid String Job Id
status String Job Status
result Solution Problem Solution
dateTime Date Job Date Time




Name Type Description
jobs Integer Total Jobs in the problem
services Integer Total Services in the problem
shipments Integer Total Shipments in the problem
costs Costs Solution Costs
distance Double Total Solution distance
vehicles Integer Total Vehicles used
unassigned Integer Total unassigned Jobs
serviceTime Double Total Service Time
results Route[] All routes of solution




Name Type Description
activity Double Activity Costs
transport Double Transport Costs
total Double Total Costs




Name Type Description
route Integer Route Number
vehicle String Vehicle Name
serviceTime Double Total Route Service Time
distance Double Total Route Distance
costs Costs Total Route Costs
results Result[] Route activities
path Location[] Waypoints path
capacity Capacity[] Capacity Matrix




Name Type Description
activity String Activity Name
job String Job Name
arrivalTime Double Arrival Time to location
endTime Double End Time to location
serviceTime Double Service Time
costs Costs Job Costs
distance Double Distance
location Location Job Location
capacity Capacity[] Capacity Matrix




Name Type Description
lat Double Latitude
lng Double Longitude




Name Type Description
index Integer Index of Capacity Matrix
total Integer Total Capacity Allowed
used Integer Capacity Used










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